Memoirs of a Snitch

A scene from Memoirs of a Snitch. A coming-of-age film coming in 2020.

Credit: Written and Directed by Thato Mwosa

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The Day of my Wedding

A Short Narrative Film

On the day of her wedding, a woman has to make a decision that may alter the course of her life forever.

Credits: Writer/Director-Thato Mwosa

Cinematography: Jeremy Traub

Editor: Thato Mwosa and Jeremy Traub

A Tribe of Women

A Feature Documentary

Women of Sudan come together to fight against war and demand peace.


Director: Thato Mwosa

Cinematography: Nikki Bramley and Christina Voros

Editor: Alexandra Gonzales

10th Annual Blueprint Conference at MIT

A short documentary for the Blueprint Conference


Director and Editor: Thato Mwosa

Trelle Blazers Promo Video

Promotional video for Trelle Blazers

Director and Editor: Thato Mwosa

Don't Tell Me You Love Me

A short narrative film that tackles domestic abuse within the immigrant community in Boston.


Director: Thato Mwosa

Cinematographer: Ben Njoroge

Editor: Thato Mwosa and Ben Njoroge

An African in America

A short documentary that explores being black and immigrant in America.

Director and Editor: T

Ya M'Afrika TV Show

A NYC based TV 13-part TV Series that focuses on the challenges of Africans living in the United States. This show was broadcast nationally and international on Dish TV Network.

Writer and Director: Thato Mwosa